MobileIron Exchange 2003 Kerberos Integration

MobileIron Exchange 2003 Kerberos Integration

MobileIron Sentry and Exchange 2003 Kerberos Integration is not officially supported but from my experience it seems it’s working smoothly using the same steps as for Exchange 2007 integration. From my opinion is even easier because you can skip the steps required to allow the Kerberos authentication in IIS for the Active-Sync webservice.

In my MobileIron Exchange 2003 Kerberos Integration project I’ve worked recently I’ve used the following link to guide me through the process and I’d like to thank the site owner for it:

I really cannot add anything to the guide written by Benjamin Chase regarding the Kerberos preparation steps but, from the Exchange preparation steps point of view, I may say that you don’t need to change anything in IIS and it will work. It seems in Exchange 2003 the IIS is automatically allowing the Kerberos protocol to authenticate the user if the Kerberos account used is correctly configured.

Anyway, I might add that you will have a big disadvantage integrating MobileIron Sentry with Exchange 2003 because you don’t have attachment control at all, no matter what device you are using, iOS or Android . Unfortunately this option is available only starting with Exchange 2007 with SP3. From the security point of view, attachment control is a must have feature for a Mobile Device Management software because you can prevent the confidential data loss from the company, at least if the employee is using documents attached to the email (if the data is in the email body you need to think to some other Data Loss Prevention solutions).

In conclusion, if you encounter in your daily job or in a project an MobileIron Exchange 2003 Kerberos Integration requirement, even if Exchange 2003 is very old, you may use the link mentioned above and my notes from this article about the IIS and everything will work.

For any question regarding MobileIron Exchange 2003 Kerberos Integration or any other settings you need, don’t hesitate to write a comment.

MobileIron Exchange 2003 Kerberos Integration

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